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Response to spiritual influence creates Atmosphere. We live our entire lives in an ocean of spiritual atmosphere. It can be seen, it's easy to see - you just have to see it spiritually. Because it can't be seen with the eyes of our physical body, many refuse to believe it, living their whole life oblivious to the spiritual realm. Yet a hundred times a day we are all being acted upon or interacting with things that cannot be seen, without which - we would die immediately. You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a Body. If you're not responding to the Holy Spirit - you're responding to some spirit, it's just not God. In that sense, the spirits run us we don't run them - it's just a matter of which one[s] you respond to. We are always responding to what Jesus did on the Cross, always. You just can't see the responses yet, but you will - of everyone who's ever lived.

It is the Holy Spirit that is behind the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the Salvation, 5 fold Ministry, Discipleship, Power and Baptism of the Holy Spirit that are parts of that Kingdom. Christianity is not an argument, it is not the end of some philosophical debate.

It is a catastrophic historical event, that will cost everyone more than they're willing to pay if they don't get right with God. If you disagree with us, keep it to yourself - it'll all be over soon. And don't send us your hate mail or your nasty grams, we'll just delete them. Soon, you can make your case to God, but I promise, when you see Him - you won't want to. It is His Word that will Judge you, His Word will Judge all of us. If you're that certain of your position, then start your own ministry or website - but we will not argue with you. We are commanded not to.

For those who truly want to come up higher, those who seek the power of the Holy Spirit working in their life, who want their Christianity to work for them, and desire to know and love God above all else - then email one of the 5 Ministers. They all have Disciples, and they'll make you a Disciple. It's all about making deposits of the Anointed Word into your spirit while you're submitted to Godly Authority. That's what will change you, that's how you'll grow up in Christ. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You won't even be picked up for Discipleship until you've done the little things you're given to do, and done them consistently for a couple of weeks. Keeping your word, showing up (responding) on time, reading what your assigned, listening to what you're assigned, within the time that you're given. All of it very doable, but none of it pleasurable - to your Flesh (fallen nature), because all of it . . . is a Discipline. And our flesh hates discipline. God disciplines those He loves, and the Bible says so. He doesn't discipline you with cancer or poverty, He doesn't have any. He disciplines you with His Word, He does it through men He's called to do it, and the process is called Discipleship.

If you feel you're Called to Ministry, then it'll come up out of you while you're being discipled, and it can be identified by the Fruit. Some have been birthed within a month, though discipling goes well beyond that. For others it took a year and a half before a Gift could be seen. You cannot be Called or Ordained by any man, to do so is without any Scriptural basis or backing at all, and everyone [involved] knows it.

The Bible is not a plea for your agreement it is terms for your surrender. Get the little things right and God will trust you with more. Everybody has to pass tests, tests of their Obedience to His Word. I've been in Ministry for almost 30 years and still have to pass tests everyday, because like you, I also have Flesh - and will have until He gets back or I go to Him. And like all flesh it is selfish, arrogant, unforgiving, lustful and impatient. I could go on. Like so many of God's Things in this life, what we do is very supernatural - but it is not spectacular. If you're looking for the spectacular, you'll miss the supernatural. Most of which will occur in your Heart.

In a sense, we are like spiritual farmers - we are Seed sowers and Faith growers. Though God is the only One who really makes anything good - grow. With the exception of the video formats, we have quite intentionally avoided all the hype and dazzle of the very distracted and doubting society in which we live, in both the design and tempo of the site. We do want it to look sharp, and excellent, but more than anything - we want it to be accurate. The Word itself is the star, as it should be. We don't have the slightest desire to promote ourselves - but Him. Our intent in our small but earnest way is much more of a trumpet call to Discipleship itself, not it necessarily being done by us. You may not be Hungry for God's Word, to which I reply - if you're Willing - we'll help you. If you are not, we don't have anything for you. But hope you find what you're looking for. If you'll look to Him, you'll find that He was what you were looking for, all of your life . . .


Brother Greg




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