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The Way Home.pdf
A letter to a former Disciple just as we were beginning, who had graduated seminary with a Master's in Theology more than 25 years previously - but had no Authority and no Anointing. He made the videos below for us, after he was discipled.

      The Catching Away


The Rapture



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Buddhist Priest Resurrected.pdf
The testimony of a Buddhist Priest who died, went to Hell - saw Buddha in Hell! Then was raised from the Dead by God, and has since led hundreds of other buddhist priests to Christ. This all happened in Burma, and is one of the main reasons the nation has become so destabilized.


6 Youths in Hell.mp3
Six young people from Columbia are taken to Hell by Jesus, this is their testimony. One speaks of seeing John Lennon burning, upside down, in a pit of fire - and another of all the youth forced to dance (it's not good) in Hell the way they were in the clubs when they were alive.



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